Porto de Fados - A unique space to listen fado in Porto

A unique place to listen to fado in Porto

A place with soul, where you feel the essence of Portugal. A place where fado is sung.
Every day we have a fado live show, filled with the voices of resident and guest fado singers.
A traditional fado concert with a glass of Port Wine.

What people are saying about our show

Jim McAlpineJim McAlpine
07:53 27 May 23
A wonderful introduction to fado. Porta de Fados perform in a small space above a cafe, really beautifully decorated and very intimate, which suits the music perfectly. Fantastic musicians and the... singer had the most amazing, soulful voice. Even if we couldn't understand the lyrics, the emotions they were conveying translated well, and the singer explained the history of each of the songs. A must do in Porto!read more
Carole RozenCarole Rozen
06:24 23 May 23
It was brilliant! We really enjoyed the show and learned a lot about Fado’s history. The singer has a wonderful voice and a strong personality. Highly recommended!!
Her voice was impeccable, and the guitarists as well were awesome. Show was amazing
Genevieve LaneGenevieve Lane
19:07 01 May 23
The songs were so beautiful. Incredible musicians and lovely, warm atmosphere.
Tanya DubinskyTanya Dubinsky
20:05 24 Mar 23
Beautiful show, strongly recommended
Lisya ReynaLisya Reyna
19:59 03 Mar 23
It was amazing show, the singer has imressive voice. Although I don’t know portuguese, I could feel the sentiment of the song. Highly recommended
Andrei ShishkanovAndrei Shishkanov
18:51 03 Feb 23
Such a very nice place to enjoy fado!
ara franjolaara franjola
19:21 22 Jan 23
Very nice place to hear Portuguese fado!
Ronan UrienRonan Urien
19:31 14 Jan 23
A very nice and touching fado concert. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.
sandra coutosandra couto
18:17 08 Jan 23
Wonderful place to listen to fado acompanied by a glass of Porto wine.
Ema RedișEma Rediș
20:02 29 Dec 22
A very nice atmosphere, beautiful Fado experience, with extremely talented people, guitarists and a singer. We enjoyed it a lot!
José DiasJosé Dias
19:27 29 Dec 22
A beautiful fado show in an excellent location!