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According to the specifications agreed at the EU Regulation 2016/679 by the European Parliament on the 27th April (General Data Protection Regulation), Jorge Ferreira with the Portuguese tax ID number 202575039, with headquarters at Praceta São Vicente de Ferrer, 35 – 1E – 4410-104 São Félix da Marinha, telephone number +351 912 897 417 (national mobile network call), email:, and with the website, herewith notifies the holder of their personal data (Client) that:

1st: The entity responsible for handling their personal data is Jorge Ferreira. The personal data to be processed are the following: name, e-mail and phone.

2nd: The data collected by this website are are solely and exclusively intended for the management and information of users. The omission or inaccuracy of this data is the sole responsibility of the respective user.

3rd: The personal data provided by the user will be processed and stored digitally -in computer memory- and are to be used by Jorge Ferreira for: marketing and sales, customer management.

4th: At any moment and by any formal means, they can oppose to data handling, as long as the obligations imposed by law are observed.

5th: Personal data are kept are stored for various periods of time, according to their purpose, regarding legal requirements, bearing in mind the need for minimizing preservation length, observing the periods of time legally defined for such purposes.

6th: The Client is entitled to request the entity (Jorge Ferreira) for information on the type of usage with which their data are dealt. Information must be yielded in writing. If the Client thus should request, the information may be given orally, as long as the holder’s identity may be otherwise confirmed.

7th: Their data were yielded to the entity Jorge Ferreira for marketing and sales management ends. The entity Jorge Ferreira is allowed to sub-hire other entities to manage personal data, namely for client management. Under certain circumstances, certain pieces of data may have to be yielded to public authorities, like fiscal authorities, courts, inspection and control entities, and security forces.

8th: The Client has the right for a copy of their personal data while in processing phase. If the request is made digitally, the information must be given in a common file format.

9th: The Client has the right to amend their personal data.

10th: The Client may request that their data be deleted, observing legal obligations.

11th: The Client may oppose to their data being deleted and ask for a limitation on their handling, observing legal obligations.

12th: The Client may oppose to their data being used for direct selling.

13th: Their data are treated automatically.

14th: The Client has the right to request that their data be transferred to a different entity.

15th: The Client’s personal data are encrypted, ensuring they are in pseudonymization and maintaining the ability to ensure continued confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the treatment systems and services, restoring availability and access to data in a timely manner, if a physical or technical incident occurs. The entity ensures a protocol for regular testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to guarantee the procedure’s safety.